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Our ethos

Everything we do has purpose.

What we do?

At Socially Enterprising we seek to work with ethical organisations on projects that have social purpose.

We also develop our own projects that promote community development, social cohesion, and personal development.

Global Learning and Development Education


GLADE (Global Learning and Development Education) are an educational charity based in Somerset.

Global learning and development education is for everyone and is about respecting people’s varied ways of life around the world, understanding the issues that affect people’s lives and connect us all to each other and identifying what people can do to for a fairer more sustainable future for everyone.

GLADE’s new online strategy connects the charity’s purpose directly to their online presence and has led to an increase of over 500 visitors a day.

Visit the website: GLADE

Socially Enterprising (the community development platform)

Socially Enterprising Screenshot

Internal is an all in one community platform for places and spaces.

Socially Enterprising is a member owned community platform that connects people to the places they live and unites them through shared purpose.

We call this connecting People, Place, and Purpose.

Visit the project page: Socially Enterprising

We Love Butterflies & Bees


The social network for people, organisations and community groups that would like to get involved with projects to bring birds, bees and wildflowers back into their local area.

By connecting to other people in your locality you can work together to; discover new places to plant; share ideas, know how, resources and encouragement; lend a hand with each others projects; and find out what assistance local and national organisations can offer to help you to achieve your goals.

Status: Deactivated

Digital Bridgwater

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Digital Bridgwater was an initiative to connect the town’s history and heritage to the future of 3d design and printing.

The project brought together a diverse team from Somerset Library Services, Sedgemoor District Council and Bridgwater Town Council with ideas and technology support from Socially Enterprising Technology, Autodesk and Cel Robox.

The platform provided for promotion, support, sharing and allowed members of the public to vote online in a people’s choice.

Visit the website: Digital Bridgwater